Bringing joy into people's homes with my art is my purpose in this world.

My art is healing and mesmerising, it will speak to you on the deepest level. 






​Wendy is an intuitive painter who's method is to  channel straight from source.  

Using lots of layers of paint, allowing the painting to morph and change, taking on it's own life.


Painting  what you  can't see, but what you can feel and know to be true.

Bringing Joy and healing into a space, in a world that can at times be quiet heavy and intense, is her calling.






If you're looking for that one painting that is different and personal, with a big splattering of magic in it, then check out my Gallery Page.  

I will happily paint a commission with intention, my speciality being painting what you can't see, but what you know to be true.  

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